Customer Appreciation Reward Program





Customer Appreciation Reward Program

“We All Can Win”

How do I qualify?




1. Create an account with BOSSPUNK or sign up to BOSSPUNK newsletter.


2. You must make one purchase from our online store.  It doesn’t matter what you purchase from BOSSPUNK, you are automatically enrolled once you check out.


3. You must remain on our our newsletter (email list) and not unsubscribe.


4. BOSSPUNK will have one drawing randomly once a month on the 10th day of each calendar month starting 10/10/2022.


5. BOSSPUNK will contact our customer appreciation reward winner via through email to congradulate our winner of the month with simple instructions on how to respond back to our email. 


6. You can pick and choose one free item from our online store if the item is in stock. If the item of choice is not in stock, you can pick another item.  This offer excludes our BOSSPUNK STREET COUTURE luxury line.  


7. You will have 48hrs to respond back to BOSSPUNK email.  If you do not respond back to our email within 48hrs, we will be forced to draw another lucky winner.


8. BOSSPUNK will share the exciting news of our monthly winner through our professional email campaigns and social media platforms.





1. If you sign up to BOSSPUNK newsletter with out making a purchase from our online store, you will not be enrolled into our program.  Our back end system tracks all sales and emails.


2. You can only be a winner once with the program.  This will allow all customers the opportunity to participate and win.


Thank You for supporting BOSSPUNK!


“We All Can Win”