BOSSPUNK Clothing Brand

BOSSPUNK is a registered Trademark social conscious street-ready to wear brand that specializes in designing “one of a kind” graphic t-shirts with messages on premium quality Black tri-blend t-shirts.  Our Black t-shirts aka “The Black Tees” and other premium quality apparel-clothing promotes social justice, self love and equality.  Through our Black t-shirts and other premium quality apparel-clothing, we explore discrimination of any kind-such as racism, sexism, inequality and bigotry.  Our “one of a kind” designs focus on highlighting “purple” qualities such as empathy, confidence and courage.  We believe these qualities are necessary to living a fully engaged life-where you tolerate and learn to understand the differences in the world.
In the near future, founder Maurice Laster will launch his registered Trademark BOSSPUNK street-ready to wear luxury brand extension called BOSSPUNK STREET COUTURE.  One word-EVOLVE.

Our Story 

BOSSPUNK Clothing Brand was founded in 2016 by Maurice Laster who wanted to bring attention to social problems existing in our local and world wide communities.  The goal was to educate and promote social equality among people of all ages.  Most importantly, BOSSPUNK was created with a mission to spread awareness and help stop the negative behaviors such as bullying, race and sexual orientation discrimination by creating an everyday use fashionable product with positive and inspiring messages.  The first three collections were born (Equality, Self-Love and Anti Bullying).

BOSSPUNK Socially Conscious Brand 

BOSSPUNK is focused on creating fashionable, eye catching graphic t-shirts with a positive and inspiring message to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life around.  We promote equality, self-love and anti-bullying.  We have and will continue to work closely with local charities, non-profit organizations and educational institutions to promote our values. 

We believe in positive change in the world and we want to be a part of that change. 



 BOSSPUNK Products and Collections

The root core of our company is our three main T-Shirt collections:

  • Equality - 
  • Self-Love -
  • Anti-Bullying -