Meet the Face behind BossPunk

Punk. Fat. Gay. Weak. Ugly.

Growing up, Baltimore native Maurice Laster heard it all. Ridiculed by his peers day in and out from childhood, the physical and emotional torment had taken its toll. Hopeless and seemingly alone, Maurice isolated himself completely. He kept the daily bullying to himself for years, internalizing his mounting despair. Terrified to speak out, Maurice didn’t want to live with the pain anymore. An entire bottle of prescription pills later, the 14-year-old found himself in the deepest pits of his depression.

It was at this point that Maurice knew that to survive, he could no longer let bullies control his life and his fate. He decided he would no longer allow himself to be a victim!

Maurice knew that to build a better life for himself, he would need to find a way out of the torment and despair. He began to pray and found strength in God. Through his faith Maurice found the power to begin his journey to turn his life around and find peace and happiness. Maurice began to surround himself with positive, and like-minded people that would help to lift him up. He found solace in wonderful mentors that gave him the support and guidance he needed as he grew into a young man. Maurice was able to overcome the devastation of being a victim of bullying and made it his life’s mission to help others that were silently suffering from bullying too. Maurice believes that by spreading peace, equality, love, generosity, kindness, and support, he can touch the lives of so many to create a better more peaceful world.

Maurice Laster set out to create an anti-bullying movement. He simply wanted to let sufferers know that they are never alone and that life gets better. Combining a term of empowerment and the word he was taunted with in his youth, BOSSPUNK was born. BOSSPUNK became Maurice’s mantra, reminding him to stay strong and keep going.

Maurice has dedicated his life purpose to raising awareness and speaking out against bullying.

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