Social Media Influencer Program

Are you an Influencer?

BOSSPUNK loves quality tees and believe we should live in a world without discrimination. We are looking for influencers who will partner with us to shade the world purple one tee at a time. Our tees have powerful messaging that speaks out against discrimination. Our mission is to empower and uplift people to be confident, brave, bold and live their best lives without shame or fear.



Social Media Influencer can purchase BP apparel at a discounted rate using an assigned BP partner discount code.

To be considered as a qualified sale, the purchaser must type the first and last name of the social media influencer in the section located at the top of BP’s check out page, (i.e Notes about your order, e.g. special notes for delivery).  The social media influencer’s first & last name must be typed into that section for tracking purposes and to receive commission payout.

Commission percentage is subject to increase based on performance.

Commission payments are made monthly and transferred directly to the social influencer PayPal or Green Cash App account.


We look for social media influencers who are are as passionate as we are are about speaking out against bullying, empowering and uplifting people.

-You must have a strong active social media presence.  (This means someone who has established credibility in a specific industry and achieved access to a larger audience and can persuade their audience by virtue of their authenticity and reach).

-You must post a minimum four times a month on your social media platforms wearing BP apparel.  You should also tag us @bosspunkapparel.

-You must have an active PayPal or Green Cash App account.

-You must be customer service focused.

-You must have the ability to communicate effectively with customers and fellow influencers.

Previous experience in retail/sales is a plus.

You can apply at info@bosspunk.com.  Send us an email with the Subject: Social Media Influencer. Within the email, please include your First & Last name and a day time contact number.  We will respond within 48 hrs through email to begin the process.  If selected, you will be required to read, sign and return our Social Media Influencer Agreement.