3 Forms of Modern Bullying

3 Forms of Modern Bullying

When we think of bullies, we often think of the mean kid who steals lunch money at school. We think of that one big cousin who always pushed things a bit too far when the adults weren’t around. We think of that one coworker who just won’t let you breathe when you’re at work. These are all common forms of bullying people experience when they’re coming to age. Here at BossPunk, we’d like to expand on the greater facets of bullying you may not be aware of. Here 3 Forms Of Modern Bullying.


  1. Institutionalized Racism

Institutional racism (also known as systemic racism) is a form of racism expressed in the practice of social and political institutions. For instance, Black people are 12 times more likely to be wrongly convicted of drug-related crimes than white people. 58 percent of prisoners are black or Hispanic, despite making up one quarter of the U.S. population. These are clear examples of institutionalized racism.


  1. Police Brutality

Wearing a badge doesn’t you can’t be a bully.  52% of police officers report that it is not unusual for law enforcement officials to turn a blind eye to the improper conduct of other officers. 61% of police officers state that they do not always report serious abuse that has been directly observed by fellow officers. 43% of police officers agree with this sentiment: “Always following the rules is not compatible with the need to get their job done.” (U.S. Dept. of Justice reports). These stats are alarming considering the fact that the police carry guns and are charged with protecting us for a living.


  1. Cyber Bullying

Instagram has made it easier than ever to spur hate online. Ditch the Label, a anti-bullying nonprofit group, says its investigation revealed that the photo-sharing site is where youth between 12 and 20 experience cyber bullying the most.The organization surveyed over 10,000 teens to measure their experiences with cyberbullying. Seventeen percent of respondents reported being cyber bullied — with 42% saying they were bullied on Instagram. Facebook wasn’t far behind, at 37%, Snapchat was next at 31%. Twitter (9%) and Tumblr (3%) were at the bottom.

If you or anyone has experienced one of these forms of bullying, we want to hear your story. Email info@bosspunk.com with your story and we’ll get back to you.

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